Furutech FI-E38 (R)

Furutech FI-E38 (R)


Model: FI-E38 R

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Furutech FI-E38 (R)

Schuko mains plug very high performance, ideal for the construction of an Audiophile mains cable without compromise. In addition to its contacts Copper plated Rhodium , the FI-E38 also benefits from the proprietary anti-magnetism treatment FURUTECH Alpha α, which involves 2 steps:

1-Cryogenization of metals by -250 ° C with the aid of liquid nitrogen in order to consolidate their molecular structure and to improve their conductivity significantly.

2- Submission of these same metals to a powerful magnetic field created by means of magnets arranged in rings and whose attraction force is constantly controlled so as to leave no residual magnetic at the end of the treatment.

The FI-E38 also takes advantage of the patented technology "Floating Field Damper System"which makes it possible to eliminate almost totally the creation of micro-magnetic and electrostatic turbulence zones internally of the plug, perturbations generated by the passage of the current in proximity(fixing screws of metal, clamping elements of the cable, etc.). These "floating" field micro-fields conflict with the much more powerful primary magnetic flux generated by the current flow through the cable and the connectors, thereby inducing a form of electrical resistance detrimental to conductivity, generate a form of distortion. FURUTECH succeeds in controlling these phenomena by connecting all the metallic parts concerned together with a conductor charged with bringing all these undesirable energies to the earth.

Its body in material compositenylon and fiberglassinjected from carbon particlesit demonstrates extreme resistance to shocks, electric arcs and high temperatures.

The conductors are fixed by means of3 screws (2 poles + ground) marked with color code and whose firmness of maintenance, obtained thanks to the technology FURUTECH "Wire Clamp", makes it possible to exclude any risk of tearing or accidental deterioration of the cable, while significantly improving the contact surface.

Compatible with cables in the section is included between 6 and 17.5mm in diameter.

Features:/ Strong>

contactsCopper Pure Rhodium Plated
Technology Owner "Floating Field Damper System"
Nylon Body & Fiberglass Injected Carbon Particle
Screw plug (3 screws marked with color code)
Patented "Wire Clamp" Cable Tightening Technology (Improved Contact Area of ​​17%)
Compatible with Cables of Diameter between 6 and 17.5mm
Body Length: 90.5mm
Body Diameter: 39.6mm
250V / 10A - 125V 15A

Odkaz: http://www.furutech.com/2013/02/02/1884/

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